Published: February 2017

Congress moves to punish malpractice victims using ACA and Medicaid benefits

Malpractice kills as many 400,000 people a year, making it the third leading cause of death in the United States, and is responsible for ten times as many injuries. Yet instead of enhancing patient safety, the House Republicans aim to impose severe limits on medical malpractice lawsuits with H.R. 1215 – a move that would both prevent victims from receiving appropriate compensation and make the malpractice problem worse, by lessening the deterrent effect of litigation.

H.R. 1215, the so-called “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017,” seeks to eliminate civil justice rights guaranteed by state governments. These horrific mandates include taking power away from local juries to decide individual cases, and instead put that power in the hands of Congress. The bill’s sweeping scope covers not only cases involving medical malpractice, but also cases involving unsafe drugs and nursing home abuse and neglect and pertains to anyone who receives federally subsidized healthcare, including the Affordable Care Act, veteran and servicemember health plans, Medicare and Medicaid.

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Center for Justice & Democracy

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