Published: August 2021

A call for President Biden to end Big Pharma monopolies

Coalition members wrote to U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra demanding that the White House take on Big Pharma in an effort to curb drugmakers’ monopoly power in the soon-to-be-released HHS drug pricing competition plan. Advocates called on President Biden to end the era of abusive drug pricing and treatment rationing by challenging patents and expanding generic-drug competition. As Americans face a new surge in the ongoing pandemic, there is no better time than now to break up Big Pharma monopolies.

Americans pay more than two-and-a-half times as much for prescription drugs as people in other countries, and one in four Americans—disproportionately people of color—report they are unable to afford their medications. Advocates joined together in urging President Biden and Health and Human Services Secretary Becerra to end the era of abusive drug pricing by directly challenging the monopoly power drug companies use to gouge Americans. Decisive action can improve excessive medicine pricing and improve the health of millions of Americans.

Lead Organization

Public Citizen

Other Organizations

American Economic Liberties Project 
| Americans for Democratic Action, Southern California | 
Arkansas #insulin4all | 
Center for Popular Democracy Action | 
Citizen Action of Wisconsin | 
Connecticut #insulin4all | 
Consumer Action | 
Doctors for America | 
Down Home North Carolina
 | Florida #insulin4all
 | Global Health Justice Partnership at Yale | 
Health Care Voices
 | HealthGAP
 | Hometown Action
 | I-MAK | 
 | JustCare USA
 | Kentucky#insulin4all | 
Maine People’s Alliance
 | Minnesota #insulin4all
 | NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice | 
North Carolina #insulin4all
 | Office of the Health Care Advocate, Vermont Legal Aid
 | ONE Northside | 
People’s Action
 | PrEP4All | 
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada
 | Progressive Maryland
 | Right to Health Action | 
Rights & Democracy New Hampshire
 | Rights & Democracy Vermont
 | Social Security Works | 
T1 International | 
The Democracy Collaborative
 | Treatment Action Group
 | U.S. PIRG | 
United Vision for Idaho | 
Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut
 | Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
 | Utah #insulin4all
 | Wisconsin #insulin4all

More Information

Click here to read the coalition letter in full.

For more information, please visit Public Citizen.


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