Money Hacks

Money Hacks Cover Art

Are you looking for ways to decrease your spending…and start increasing your savings? Need some simple advice for maximizing your investments? Want to start planning for your retirement but don’t know where to start? 

Many people are afraid to talk about money, which means that you might be missing some of the best money-saving skills out there! Money Hacks offers some financial basics to…  More About: Money Hacks

Taming the Megabanks

Taming the Megabanks Cover Art

Banks were allowed to enter securities markets and become universal banks during two periods in the past century—the 1920s and the late 1990s. Congress passed the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 in response to the Great Depression. The Act broke up universal banks and established a decentralized financial system composed of three separate and independent sectors: banking, securities, and insurance. That system was stable and successful for…  More About: Taming the Megabanks


Monopolized Cover Art

From the cars we drive to what toothpaste we use, Monopolized: Life in the Age of Corporate Power tells how a tiny group of corporations have come to dominate every aspect of our lives. Over the last 40 years our choices have narrowed, our opportunities have shrunk and our lives have become governed by a handful of very large and very powerful corporations. Today, practically…  More About: Monopolized

Terms of Disservice

Terms of Disservice Cover Art

Hardly a day goes by without new headlines about the dark side of digital technology. Many of those headlines concern the role of social media companies in distributing false and misleading information that inflames social and political divides and even helps sway elections. Facebook, Google, and Twitter, once seen as creating an engaged, positively interconnected global community, are now on the defensive, facing harsh criticism…  More About: Terms of Disservice

Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America

Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America Cover Art

Pharmaceutical breakthroughs such as anti­biotics and vaccines rank among some of the greatest advancements in human history. Yet exorbitant prices for life-saving drugs, safety recalls affecting tens of millions of Americans, and soaring rates of addiction and overdose on pre­scription opioids have caused many to revile the industry. Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America looks at the heroes and villains of the trillion-dollar-a-year…  More About: Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America

Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies to Outsmart Today’s Rip-off Artists

Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies to Outsmart Today’s Rip-off Artists Cover Art

Maybe you're wondering how to make the scam phone calls stop. Perhaps someone has stolen your credit card number. Or you've been a victim of identity theft. Even if you haven't yet been the target of a crime, con artists are always out there, waiting for the right moment to steal your information and your money.

In Scam Me If You Can, Frank…  More About: Scam Me If You Can: Simple Strategies to Outsmart Today’s Rip-off Artists

A Purse of Your Own

A Purse of Your Own Cover Art

In A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security, wealth coach Deborah Owens urges women to take control of their lives and purses by leveraging intuition, creativity and empathy to build personal wealth. Filled with fun quizzes (Pursercises), resource guides (Pursessentials) and examples of real women from housewives to executives who have drastically changed their lives (Purseonality Profiles), A Purse of Your…  More About: A Purse of Your Own

Unsavory Truth

Unsavory Truth Cover Art

What can we believe about the food we eat? Where does reliable information come from? It turns out that most studies about health benefits of food are funded by companies that sell those foods. Unsavory Truth reveals how the food industry manipulates nutrition science.

Author Marion Nestle explains these studies are more about marketing than science; they are often paid for by companies that sell…  More About: Unsavory Truth

Land of the Fee

Land of the Fee Cover Art

In "Land of the Fee: Hidden Costs and the Decline of the American Middle Class", Devin Fergus offers a compelling explanation for the mounting problem of wealth inequality: the explosion of fees accompanying virtually every transaction that people make.

These perfectly legal fees are buried deep within the verbose agreements between vendors and consumers—agreements that few people fully read or comprehend. The…  More About: Land of the Fee

The Truth about Social Security

The Truth about Social Security Cover Art

In, "The Truth about Social Security: The Founders' Words Refute Revisionist History, Zombie Lies, and Common Misunderstandings", Nancy Altman uses Social Security founders' own words to debunk myths and reveal the truth about the most popular and successful government program in our nation's history. According to Kirkus Reviews, "Altman's approach is uniquely historical she looks at the speeches and writings of those who originally designed…  More About: The Truth about Social Security


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